What’s New

Phase 6

We’ve started Phase 6! 

38 lots ranging from .22-.52 acres. 

Come build the semi-custom home of your dreams in Stonehaven.

Please call us at the number below!

Phase 5

We’ve started Phase 5! We will have the first batch of completed homes at the end of June 2022. Phase 5 will have 28 lot sizes ranging from .18 to .22 (lot 27 will be .28). Homes will range in square feet from 1560sf-3600sf. Other exciting news is that we should start paving Phase 6 and 7 in May 2022 on the South side of 9th St! All homes in Stonehaven are specs with finishes selected by our great builder team. Check in with us anytime with questions!

South Phase Coming Soon!

One of our most frequently asked questions is when is the South phase of Stonehaven going to be available? Well, the time has come! It’ll likely be late 2022 before we begin to build, but as soon as we get the thumbs up we’ll let you know! Until then, our team is knee deep into construction on Phase 4 and are starting to plan homes for Phase 5. Check our plat map. We update each lot regularly in our current phase.

Phase 3 is complete! Phase 4 homes coming starting December 2021.

Phase 4 of Stonehaven is well underway! With 46 homes ranging from 1650sf to 3600sf under construction, you’ll surely find a home that fits your wish list! Many of these homes will be complete starting in December 2021. We are moving full steam ahead with Phase 5 paving now complete. All homes in Stonehaven are specs with finishes selected by our great builder team. Check in with us anytime with questions!

Finishing Up Phase 3 and Phase 4 is Underway

We are so excited to now have a park! In Phase 3, we have 3 homes left (Lots 27/1, 34/2, and 18/4) that will be complete starting in August. We’ll likely be listing them when they’re close to completion or complete. We’re well underway on Phase 4. We anticipate that we’ll have homes come available late summer. We’ve already started putting the road for Phase 5. We’re trying to get you great people in homes as fast as we can! All homes in Stonehaven are specs with finishes selected by our great builder team. Check in with us anytime with questions!

Phase 3 Progress

Phase 3 is underway! We started construction this month and anticipate that we’ll complete this phase by next summer. We just paved Phase 4, but are still several months out from starting construction. Please watch our website for available homes. They go quick! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about Stonehaven. 

Drumroll….Introducing Phase 3!!

The weather is not the only thing that is hot right now! It is our 1 year anniversary from when we started the first home. Phase 1 and 2 are now complete. We are so excited to have pavement! Construction for Phase 3 will begin in September. Infrastructure for Phase 4 is underway.

Phase 3 has already garnered a lot of interest so do not hesitate to call us to see how we can put you in the perfect home! 🙂 

It’s looking like a subdivision!

Click the post title to see an aerial picture. 

Sunrise Homes of Idaho will have 6 homes ready in Phase 1 in April 2020. 

Phase 1 is nearing completion and we’re off to a great start with construction in Phase 2. 

We have been discovered! Most of Phase 1 has homeowners now who are loving their new Todd Campbell Custom Home! 

We will start having finished specs starting to come one for both Todd Campbell Custom Homes and Sunrise Homes of Idaho by the end of June 2020. 

We’re always here for your questions!

Construction has begun

Construction within the first phase of a 243 home subdivision located near the Middleton high school has begun this year.

Phase one is currently getting ready to start building as the development is in full swing.

Premium builder such as Todd Campbell Construction have purchased lots and began construction last week.

Total build out of Stonehaven which is located in Middleton, is expected to span 12 phases and should be completed within a three years.

City of Middleton Welcomes Stonehaven

Welcome to the City of Middleton. We are a community full of friendly and sincere people in the heart of the Treasure Valley.

It’s been a great journey getting ready for 240 plus homes to be part of this thriving little town.  City of Middleton is charming and the people here are so friendly.  Do yourself a favor and head over to see just what you are missing.

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