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Middleton was named for its location between the old fort Boise and Keeney’s Ferry; it being the midpoint between the two. It served as a rest stop for those heading for Keeney’s Ferry. It had a stage station in the early days of the Oregon Trail, a post office in 1866 and a water powered grist mill in 1871. The Ward Massacre occurred near the site in 1854.

So as you can see Middleton, Idaho has a very colorful past that lends it’s self to a very comfortable and quaint community today.

Population: Approximately 7,439

With an outstanding quality of life, the “Good Neighbor City” is a dynamic hub of commercial activity, recreation, entertainment, dining/night life and environmental treasures on the western edge of the Treasure Valley. Unlike other cities of its size, Middleton features the amenities and activity of much larger cities while maintaining its own unique small town charm with friendly and spirited people.

The community of Middleton is located on Interstate 84 and Highway 44, making it easily accessible from a variety of locations.

Unemployment Rate:  3.0%
Median Income:  $45,549
Median Home Price:  $251,000
Median Age:  30.6
Comfort Index (Climate):  7.4/10

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